Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh

LAHDC, Leh was constituted in accordance with the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Act, 1995. The council came into being with the holding of elections on August 28,1995. The inaugural meeting of the council was held at Leh on September 3,1995. The democratic constitution of the Council has heralded democratic decentralization of planning process with the involvement of people at the grass root level. Owing to the difficult geographical problems, the need for greater public participation in the planning and development process was all the more necessary.

Council Complex LAHDC-Leh

Need for Ladakh 2025 Vision Document

Ladakh is a society in transition. Isolated from the rest of the world for much of its existence before it was thrown open to mass tourism in the mid-1970s, the region is caught in a whirlwind of change today. As new lifestyles, practices and social mores enter the Ladakhi community against a backdrop of centuries’ old indigenous traditions and culture, uncertainty and confusion reign supreme in the minds of the region’s local populace. To remedy this situation, there is a need to evolve a framework that allows Ladakhi people to seamlessly integrate the old with the new. That constitutes the first reason why the formulation of the Ladakh 2025 Vision Document was felt necessary.

The second reason for developing a Vision for Ladakh is based in the rapid decline that this region’s resources – natural, and also social & cultural – have witnessed in the recent past. While a more detailed set of strategies to help Ladakh find its place in the modern world can be worked out at length, the need of the hour is to bring an immediate stop to the shocking deterioration of our rich heritage by developing an appropriate set of preventive measures. The Ladakh 2025 Vision Document will be, it is hoped, the repository of all such measures.

Hon'ble CEC
Hon'ble Chairman/Chief Executive Councillor, LAHDC Leh Advocate Tashi Gyalson
Hon'ble Deputy Chairman (Education, Higher Education, SAMAGRA, District Motor Garage, Environment, FCS&CA, ICDS, Labour Welfare, Parks & Gardens, Polytechnics, Social Welfare, Youth Service & Sports) Shri Tsering Angchuk
Hon'ble Executive Councilor (Animal Husbandry, Rural Development/Command Area Development, Rural Sanitation, MGNREGA, Sheep Husbandry, Wildlife) Shri Tashi Namgyal Yakzee
Hon'ble Executive Councilor (Forest, Minority Affairs, Fisheries, Employment, Horticulture, Handloom, Handicraft, Industries, Soil Conservation, Stationery & Printing) Shri Ghulam Mehdi
Hon'ble Executive Councillor (Agriculture, Statistics & Evaluation, Cooperative, Arts & Cultural, Antiquities and Archives, ITI, Information Technology, Information) Shri Stanzin Chosphel
S. No. Name Constituency Contact No.
1. Shri Ghulam Mehdi Turtuk 9469388786
2. Shri Kunzang Lotus Hunder 9469452083
3. Shri Tsering Angchuk Diskit 9419874431
4. Shri Rigzen Lundup Tiger 9469220835
5. Shri Tsering Sandup Panamik 9469463107
6. Shri Tashi Namgyal Tangtse 9469084086
7. Shri Konchok Stanzin Chushul 9419342248
8. Shri Ishey Spalzang Nyoma 8492935051
9. Shri Thinles Nurboo Kungyam 9871264220
10. Shri Karma Namdak Korzok 9484120991
11. Shri Rigzin Tsering Sakti 9622956145
12. Shri Sonam Thardos Igoo 9419744242
13. Shri Stanzin Chosphel Martselang 9469794115
14. Shri Stanzin Chosfail Thiksay 9622991465
15. Shri Mirza Hussain Chuchot 9906986297
16. Shri Phuntsog Stanzin Tsepag Upper Leh 8468000999
17. Shri Tsering Namgail Lower Leh 9797313945
18. Shri Tundup Nurbu Phyang 9906947657
19. Shri Sonam Nurboo Sku-Markha 9906995719
20. Shri Tsering Norboo Basgo 9419179587
21. Shri Smanla Dorje Nurboo Saspol 9990116459
22. Shri Tashi Tundup Temisgam 9419842892
23. Shri Lobzang Sherab Khaltsi 9419854405
24. Shri Lundup Dorjai Skurbuchan 7051547944
25. Dr. Morup Dorjey Lamayuru 9469326516
26. Shri Tashi Gyalson Lingshet 9622287424
27. Dr. Yangchan Dolma Nominated 9419219653
28. Shri Mumtaz Hussain Nominated 9419885521
29. Ven. Konchok Tsephel Nominated 9469597855
30. Shri Phuntsog Norboo Nominated 8082800277