The office of the Assistant Director Handicraft Leh was established in the year 1973. The first and the foremost aim of the department is to preserve the rich Handicraft of the area by providing training to the interested people in different Handicraft related activities. The different activities in which the department is imparting training are:-

  • Wood Carving/ Carpentry
  • Carpet Weaving
  • Ladakhi Garment Making
  • Embroidery
  • Namda Making
  • Silver Filigree/ Black Smith
  • Fresco Painting (Thanka Painting)
  • Clay Moulding (Sculpture)
  • Papu (shoe) Making
  • Pottery Making.
  • Basket Making.
  • Stone (Mani Carving)
  • Dragon painting .
  • Hosiery/ Hand Knitting etc.



Sixteen(16) Handicraft Training Centres are functioning in different villages under the district non plan. The duration of the training programme is two year’s each crafts. A sum of the Rs.100= per month is paid to the trainees for the whole training period. The intake capacity of these training centre is 10 to 14 trainees. About 3201 trainees have been trained so far in different crafts.

Under this scheme’s all the training centre functioning under District Plan and State Non Plan were providing raw materials tools equipments etc for impart training to both male and female candidates. Grant in aid to Handicrafts related Self help Group in different crafts were also provided @ Rs.50000= (Rupees fifty thousand only) as revolving fund to the group of the 10 Ex-Trainees who are actually engaged in those crafts. Beside infrastructure development i,e construction of Handicraft Artisans complex, office store room, show room and Chowkidar hut is under process in two blocks (A&B). after completing the artisan complex 20 shops will be provided to Handicraft artisan, unit holder or Self Help Group on rotation basis for their marketing in one plate- form.

ORGANISING HANDICRAFTS EXHIBITIONS. The department is organizing Handicrafts exhibition during Ladakh Festival, Sindhu Darshan and other Festivals such as Dosmochey Mela. In which Self Help Group, unite holders and individual artisans of Handicraft/ handloom will be provided stall for sale their end products in one platform. Beside registered Artisans/ unit holder/ Self Help Group were also given a chance to sale their products in India international trade Fair Delhi and also deputing to Srinagar, Delhi and Jammu Haat during Annual Exhibition.

The Massive Carpet Weaving Training centres are the State Non Plan scheme Four Trg centres are functioning under this scheme since 1980. Two Training Centres under this scheme is elementary and two are advance course. The intake capacity of each training centre is 25 and are of two years Trg course. Stipend of Rs.100= p.m for elementary and Rs.200= pm for advance training course will be paid to the trainees during the training period. Most of the trainees trained by the department have started earning from themselves by practicing the different crafts in which they have received training. As such the department is contributing a lot in creating Self Employment amongst the unemployed youth of the district.


Under this scheme 11 elementary Trg, Centre’s are functioning at Border Blocks of China & Pakistan in different crafts viz, Thanka Painting, Wood Carving/Carpentry, Carpet Weaving, Ladakhi Garment Making, Stone (Mani Carving) and handknitting for a period of one year and after completing the training programme trainees will be distributed tools, equipment and loom on 75% subsidy. The intake capacity of trainees are 10 and were paid Rs.250=per month as stipend to each trainees.

In this scheme (3) training centre are functioning in different crafts for a period of one year and the trainees will paid Rs.250=pm per trainees and the Ex-trainees were provided tools, equipment, raw materials and looms on 75% subsidy to establish their own individual units for self employment.

The department also register an artisans in the different crafts. These artisans have to undergo practical test to get themselves registered. The practical test is carried to test the expertise of the artisans and is conducted by the concerned instructor of the department. After the successful completion of the practical test, the Artisans are provided an artisans registration cum identity card. This card helps the artisans to participate in the various exhibitions and to get loan from the banks to start their business. The registration process was started by the department in 2004 upto ending January 2011 (852) ex-trainees were registered under this scheme.

Note:- For more queries regarding schemes and activities of the Handicrafts Leh contact the office of the Assistant Director Handicraft Leh Near new Bus Stand Leh on any working day between 10 am to 4 pm or contact Telephone No:-252159.