It is universally accepted that the education is the important input, which contributes to the national and individual development. Education has a multiplier effect on other Social sectors like Health, Employment, Labour force etc. It improves the quality life of the people and provides opportunities for progress. Keeping in view the enormous values of education, the access to education is a human right in the context of present social and cultural environment. Therefore, the human resources development needs sufficient investment in education, as it is the education that enhances the knowledge, skills of the people and enables them to participate fully in the development process. In this way education can have a good amount of help in the poverty alleviation and society as well.

Aiming at to impart education to all the school going age children of the district with teaching learning facilities, the Education Department has created infrastructure of schools in every corner so that no one be left without the basic need of the era and at the behest of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill development Council, the Education has accorded the priority sector of the development. The literacy rate of the district records as 65.30% as per 2001 census.

To attract the children of under privileged and weaker sections of the society towards education free schooling facility, scholarships, free uniform, and other incentives have been provided spending a handsome amount.

Since for the last six years, at the behest of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh, schools of the remotest and educationally backward areas like Durbuk, Lingshet Nyoma and Korzok etc. has been centralized with free boarding, lodging and teaching learning facilities which really is an honest and dedicated step towards education and will prove to produce educated youths from the remotest corners of the district.