Panchayat Election

Panchayat Elections – 2018

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17/11/2018 Phase-II: Panchayat-wise list of Polling Parties for deployment on Poll duty – Revised Polling Staff for Phase-II (PDF 468KB)
14/11/2018 Phase-I: Polling Party wise list of employees for deployment on Poll duty

Polling Parties (PDF 114KB)

Reserve List (PDF 52KB)

22/10/2018 Press Release Press Release (PDF 292KB)
22/10/2018 Press Note Notification (PDF 343KB)
22/10/2018 Public Notice Public Notice (PDF 453KB)
  RO & ARO 2nd Phase RO/ARO – 2nd Phase (PDF 491KB)
  RO & ARO – 1st Phase RO/ARO -1st Phase (PDF 1.7)