Severe weather alert for Ladakh.

Publish Date : 28/07/2021

Severe weather alert for Ladakh 28.7.21 @6PM:   Today, weather remain cloudy to overcast throughout Ladakh with reports of Moderate to Heavy Rain in Zanskar region, light Rain at most places of Ladakh. 

Forecast:   Light  to Moderate rain will occur at most places of Ladakh from now till 30th July. Some place may receive Heavy Shower as well.  Overall, improvement is most likely from 31st onwards.                  


  1. Melting of glaciers and Rainfall will led to Rise in water levels all Streams, Nallahs. This may led to Flash Flood/Mudslide especially on sloppy areas.
  2. Therefore people, Tourists/Trekkers are advised to Remain Alert of weather turning disastrous and avoid venturing into such vulnerable places and Remain Updated about weather.
  3. Undertake Long journey only after confirming the Status of the Road from concerned Traffic Police.

Pls. remain cool and don’t panic but remain Alert as July-August Rain has a history turning severe sometimes.

Regards (MET LEH).