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Lingshed Monastery

Photo of Monastery

The Lingshed Monastery (Gonpa) is also one of the oldest among other monasteries in Ladakh. Lingshed Gonpa was founded in the 12th century by the disciple of Indian famous scholar Lama Lotchawa Rinchen Zangpo. Later on, Lama Changsem Sherab Zangpo was extended in development of the monastery has branches of temples in the surrounded villages. It is situated in a fairly and surrounded by the landscape mountains, colorful rocks and villages at far-flung distance 224 kms from Leh city. Lingshed Gonpa is on the way of trekking route from Lamayuru Wanla to Padum Zanskar, Dharcha Manali

Ngari Rinpochey, a younger brother of HH Dalai Lama is the owner of Lingshed Gonpa. In year 2009, His Holiness Dalai Lama was visited Lingshed Gonpa by Helicopter on August 15, 2009 for one day and over night stay. His Holiness symbolized blessed the land and gave important teachings to the monks, nuns, teachers, students and people/inhabitants of Lingshed region

The monastery has a big prayer hall (called Dhokhang) in which consists of Buddha, Yamandhaka, Mahakala and various dharma protector deities, Tangyur books 200 volumes and other offering objects. The Mahakala and Yaman-dhaka are the main deities of the Gonpa and villages. There is also Metriya Jamba (a future Buddha) in the Gonpa is ideally suited for the pursuance of the sublime ideal of peace, prosperity and well being of all the sentient beings. There is a library of Kagyur books of 108 volumes.

The monks educate in the ritual prayers, Buddhist philosophy, Metaphysics and modern educations in the monastery. They do perform the Pujas in Gonpa as well as in villages for the welfare of all sentient beings and the prosperity. Yamandhaka is an important deity for the sake of the community. Yamandhaka deity, Kangyur and Tangyur books brought from Tibet before exiled the Tibet. This deity’s veil opens in once time in a year on 15 day of 4th month of Tibetan year. People comes from different places to see the deity in received of blessing, peace, harmony, happiness and good prosperity for the sake of all sentient beings in villages and the world.

The Kagyur and Tangyur books reading festival organizes in the month of June or July every year at Gonpa. The monks read the books for many days. The people from villages serve the food and tea to the monks during books reading. Smonlam-the prayer of dharma protector deities conduct and do performance in first month of Tibetan year in winter season. The monks do puja performance and ritual activities for 15 days for the sake of peace, happiness, harmony and welfare of sentient beings in the world. Lingshed monastery is in rich and treasure of the ancient well known ancient Temples, Scriptures, Stupas, Thankas, Manuscripts, Statues, Frescoes, Wall Paintings and traditional values for the well beings in the community.