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Zongkuyl Monastery

Photo of Monastery

Zongkul is a sacred place of meditation, founded by the great mahasiddha Naropa, the cave in which he was residing his hand staff is still preserved, which is situated on the high and splendid rock face above the present monastery, he struck his ritual dagger into the rock as an auspicious sign for establishing a monastery.The mahasiddha went there and founded the monastery.There after it became the sacred place of meditation for all the mahasiddhas of Zanskar, including Dubchen Kunga Gyatso, Dubchen Nawang Tsering, Dzadpa Dorje, Karmapa, Kunga Choslag and lama Norboo.Inside the monastery there are to be seen many kinds of sacred shrines including the holy objects made by all those mahasiddha, such as: an ivory image of Samvara, a crystal stupa and the texts containing the sacred verses and biographies composed by the successive mahasiddha. Inside the meditation cave there is Panchen Naropa's footprint embedded in the rock and his sacred spring