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The Castle of Tingmosgang

Photo of Monastery

Tingmosgang lies at a distance of about 92 Kms west of the Leh. This castle was built at the time when Gragpa Bum, Younger brother of Takspa Bum-Lde, the 17th, king of the Ladakh was the ruler of Sham area of Ladakh. About 500 years have elapsed since its construction. Contemporary to this was the Red Chapel ‘Tsug-lag-khang Marpo’ containing an image of the Buddha Maitreya to the height of 3 storey. In particular it was at those times that the self-originated image of Avalokitesvara from Kamrup was brought & installed inside the castle of Tingmosgang. The image is considered to be a most excellent object of pilgrimage which leads to the accumulation of great merit and to which prostration and oblations have been offered by the successive Dharmaraja of Ladakh and by the whole populations of Ladakh.