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Karsha Monastery

Photo of Monastery

Karsha is the largest of all monasteries in Zanskar. Karcha Chamspaling to give its full name was first established by Phagspa Shesrab, the translator of Zanskar. The Teacher Dorje Shesrab who made it to flourish built the present monastery. Shesrab Zangpo of Stod introduced the order of Gelugspa order there. More than 100 monks are in residence. There are shrines and in particular, the wall paintings executed by the Lama Dzadpa Dorje are worth visiting. The relics of Dorje Rinchen are also to be seen. Every year on the 28th, & 29th, days of the 6th, Tibetan month the tradition of sacred dance is observed in association with the Gustor festival. There are also two temples built by Rinchen Zangpo, the translator known as the Thugsjechhenpoi Lhakhang and the Lhakhang Karpo. Close by the village of Karsha there are the temples of Khagsar, of Purang in the village of Langmi and a nunnery called Dorjezong at the top of the valley.