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Alchi Monastery

Photo of Monastery

Although many temples, cave temples and stupas built in Ladakh by Rinchen Zangpo, the translator, Alchi Choskor is the largest and most famous of all of them. Alchi is situated at a distance of 67 Kms west of Leh, founded by Rinchen Zangpo, Translator, in 1000 AD. The sacred temples, to be seen there include the Principal one of Buddha Vairocana Lhakhang, Lotsava Lhakhang, the Jamyang Lhakhang (Manjusri temple) and the sumtsag Lhakhang. The main image is that of Vairocana but there can also been seen many more Buddha together with their attendant deities, The paintings are not like the Tibetan style but rather in the Indian styla/tradition. In order to build these temples Rinchen Zangpo, the Translator have brought with him from Kashmir (thirty-two sculptors and wood carvers). Other temples built by Rinchen Zangpo, Translator are to be found at Mangyu and Sumda each containing a sacred image of Buddha Vairocana, other most beautiful images of the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas. They are also included among the 108 temples built by Rinchen Zangpo, the Translator, within the province of Naris Skorsum.